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Episode 117 – Khaine Chapter One

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So here is part one of our coverage of book three in the End Times series, “Khaine.”

This book is split into two chapters, roughly one half of the book for each. So if it seems like a lot of time for one chapter, you’re right, except that you aren’t. This chapter is just long.

Chris Tomlin joins us once again as not only the guest host, but he takes the lead here as the chief note taker and narrator of the story for us, and a big thanks to him for doing that because that’s half the book that I didn’t have to take notes on!

NOTE: At the end of the book we said we would be back for the second half in Episode 118. Well we were wrong, we will be back for the second half in 119. 118 will be adepticon coverage as we need a little more time to prepare and find a time we can all record. Either way, your second half is coming soon, so relax.



Show Index

0:00:00-0:07:40 – Fluff Intro (These are the End Times) and welcome

0:07:40-0:09:25 – Commercial Break One

0:09:25-0:37:15 – Chapter One Part One

0:37:15-0:41:00 – Teclis is summoned by Imrik

0:41:00-1:09:45 – Chapter One Part Two

1:09:45-1:12:20 – Tyrion Commands the Dead of Ulthuan

1:12:20-1:39:30 – Chapter One Part Three

1:39:30-1:41:30 – Tyrion Isn’t Fooled By Drusala

1:41:30-2:01:30 – Chapter One Part Four

2:01:30-2:03:30 – Commercial Break Two

2:03:30-2:40:25 – Chapter One Part Five

2:40:25-2:42:10 – Tyrion Confronts Teclis

2:42:10-3:11:05 – Chapter One Part Six

3:11:05-3:13:40 – Tyrion Takes Widowmaker

3:13:40-3:41:25 – Chapter One Part Seven

3:41:25-3:42:25 – Caradryan Speaks

3:42:25-3:57:30 – Chapter One Part Eight

3:57:30-4:00:45 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement

4:00:45-4:06:00 – Malekith Passes Through Flames of Assuryan Again



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