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Episode 111 – Glottkin


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Ok, so Glottkin!

We cover the whole book with our pal Chris Tomlin from The Black Sun and we have a pretty good time. Now before I hear any nonsense about us not giving this the Garagehammer Treatment because it’s only four hours, this book is only about 30% the length of Nagash and we did that book for like, 10 hours.

Also, Dani and I really tried to do a lot in the readings so we hope you love them!

We really appreciate Chris coming on and we can’t wait to find time with him (and maybe someone else) for Khaine.

As always, enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:02:45 – Intro and welcome

0:02:45-0:25:40 – Chapter One: Rise of the Glottkin up to the Battle of Marienburg

0:25:40-0:28:00 – Dramatic Reading One

0:28:00-0:55:50 – The Battle of Marienburg

0:55:50-0:41:00 – Commercial Break One

0:41:00-1:09:40 – Chapter Two: The Journey South up to Festus and the Shroudlings

1:09:40-1:15:25 – Dramatic Reading Two

1:15:25-1:27:05 – Gutrot Spume’s Journey Through the Drakwald

1:27:05-1:29:50 – Dramatic Reading Three

1:29:50-1:57:00 – Chapter Three: The Deluge of Talabheim up to the Battle

1:57:00-1:59:45 – Commercial Break Two

1:59:45-2:20:30 – The Battle of Talabheim

2:20:30-2:24:10 – Dramatic Reading Four

2:24:10-2:32:45 – Chapter Four: The Fall of Altdorf

2:32:45-2:38:45 – Dramatic Reading Five

2:38:45-3:05:50 – The Bane of Altdorf Arrives from Within

3:05:50-3:07:40 – Commercial Break Three

3:07:40-3:26:15 – The Battle at the Temple

3:26:15-3:29:15 – Dramatic Reading Six

3:29:15-3:56:00 – Gods and Monsters

3:56:00-4:00:00 – Show Close and Final Reading



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