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Episode 108 – Paint Faster You Slacker!

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So here we are with some talk about the newest stuff from GW and a bunch about what we have been doing in the hobby. After that, Handsome Man Grant Fetter returns after a long absence to talk about the ins and outs of getting an army painted FAST for tournaments (or just because you want to get your army painted fast). There is a lot of good stuff here. Grant really gets into how to cut corners time-wise while still doing a good enough job to earn most, if not all, of your paint points in a tournament. If you are looking to paint an army that is fast and to a good tabletop standard then listen to Grant. This guy paints armies in about a month and always gets high paint scores.

Even if you aren’t a tournament player, this is worth a listen. These is a lot here for getting an army done quickly so that you can quit fielding grey plastic in your garage games. Either way, unless you’re a person striving for the best painted award, a crystal brush, or a golden daemon, there is probably something here for you. Even if you are a top painter, there may be a time saving technique for you here as well!

If you are on Twitter, you can leave Grant comments about his technique through @FetterusMaximus

As always, enjoy!


Show index

0:00:00-0:18:15 – Intro, welcome and shoutouts

0:18:15-0:19:30 – Commercial Break One

0:19:30-0:41:20 – News and Rumors

0:41:20-0:42:15 – Commercial Break Two

0:42:15-1:06:50 – The Toolbox

1:06:50-1:08:00 – Commercial Break Three

1:08:00-1:36:15 – Painting an Army in a Month with Grant Fetter (part one)

1:36:15-1:37:00 – Time to Relax

1:37:00-2:01:15 – Painting an Army in a Month with Grant Fetter (part two)

2:01:15-2:02:20 – Commercial Break Four

2:02:20-2:44:10 – Painting an Army in a Month with Grant Fetter (part three)

2:44:10-2:50:00 – Info on BitS and David making filthy Empire lists with his daughter

2:50:00-2:53:00 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement



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