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Episode 106B – Nagash Chapter 5

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So here we are with the last part of our Nagash coverage. In this, the second half of episode 106, Greg Dann covers for Chris, who had real life take over after the first 7 hours of coverage.  If you haven’t listened to chapter 4, then let me explain that I split this episode down the middle…literally. So part A has an intro but not a real ending, and this episode has an ending but no real intro.

Also, due to issues beyond our control, the time and location we were able to record the fluff readings was…less than optimal. I think I did a better job with these fluff readings that on 106A…but after actually getting some sleep I had an idea and used a few of the editing tools to play with the dramatic readings, and I hope you guys liked them because I was pretty excited about how they turned out. Again, we will discuss that stuff in episode 107.

Anyway, enjoy!


Show index

0:00:00-0:01:22 – Fifth dramatic reading

0:01:22-0:31:55 – Start of ch 5. Preparations and deployment of Nagash’s forces against Settra

0:31:55-0:33:05 – Commercial break three

0:33:05-1:00:25 – The Battle of Blightwater and Mannfred ambushed

1:00:25-1:01:40 – Sixth dramatic reading

1:01:40-1:22:10 – Harkon’s naval battle and the salvation of Mannfred

1:22:10-1:23:10 – Commercial break four

1:23:10-1:47:45 – The battle for Lahmia and the treachery at Mahrat

1:47:45-1:49:15 – Seventh dramatic reading

1:49:15-2:20:15 – Krell arrives at Khemri and the first half of the battle at the Khemrian gates

2:20:15-2:21:50 – Eighth dramatic reading

2:21:50-2:49:30 – The thrilling conclusion to the battle of Khemri

2:49:30-2:54:00 – Final thoughts on the book and show wrap up

2:54:00-2:55:00 – Final dramatic reading


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