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Episode 106A – Nagash Chapter 4

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So here we are with the next part of our Nagash coverage. In this, the first half of episode 106, we are joined by Greg Dann.  This episode is a little different than usual in that, as we started to realize how long it was running, we decided to split it in half for ease of downloading. Episode 106B is just about done at this time and should be out within the next 24 hours.

A few other things…because we split it in half, there is no real sign off before the show ends and no real welcome for part B. We literally cut it down the middle and played a bit with the music and the dramatic readings to keep the split from being even more abrupt than it needed to be.

Also, due to issues beyond our control, the time and location we were able to record the fluff readings was…less than optimal. If it sounds a bit off, forgive me. I will explain what we had to do just to get the readings done in episode 107.


Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this. We did enjoy bringing it to you.


Show index

0:00:00-0:16:35 – First dramatic reading, show intro and some “filling in” with Greg Dann, as he’s read the Nagash novel.

0:16:35-0:17:30 – Commercial break one

0:17:30-0:55:25 – The Auric Bastion and the defense of the North

0:55:25-0:57:30 – Second dramatic reading

0:57:30-1:20:25 – The defense of Alderfen

1:20:25-1:21:30 – Commercial break two

1:21:30-1:57:45 – Closing the breach and Gelt’s slide

1:57:45:1:59:25 – Third dramatic reading

1:59:25-2:17:15 – Glet’s Folly and the fallout from that folly

2:17:15-2:55:25 – The battle of Hefengen

2:55:25-2:57:00 – Fourth dramatic reading


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