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 Garagegamer 4D РGencon 2014 With Heather

So here is the rather delayed second part of our post Gencon coverage. As usual, my wife Heather is joining us. She’s a gamer (though not a miniature wargamer) and since we share Gencon as a thing every year, it’s only fitting that we do the post con coverage together.

We talk about what we liked and what we saw that we thought was cool, as usual. We also have interviews with Sean from Wild West Exodus and Kip from Battlefoam on this episode.

The new stuff for WWX is totally worth a listen, but you especially need to listen to Kip and I discussing the new line of accessories from Battlefoam. There is one in particular that is NOT in production (it’s an idea Kip has) the NEEDS to be in production. The only way it’s going to be developed and produced is if there is a demand, so you guys need to start emailing and tweeting to the guys at Battlefoam and let them know that you want them to make the new P.A.C.K ICE. Trust me. You’ll use it.