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Episode 105 – Nagash Chapters One To Three


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So here is the first part of our Warhammer End Times Part I: Nagash review.  We are happy to have Chris Tomlin (resident bad boy of the UK Warhammer scene and host of The Black Sun Podcast) with us as we cover all the ins and outs of the first half of the book. We hope you all find it as interesting as we did. Well, that’s if you read it already. Otherwise…SPOILERS! (duh)

So there are several cuckoos in this episode, mainly because I keep pointing out how the elves keep being d**ks and it winds up sort of becoming a thing. I’m 99% certain I got all of them!

Seriously though, we can’t thank Chris enough for coming on at 2am Saturday his time and talking with us. I kinda feel bad because I spend a lot of time covering the details of the story and felt like I didn’t give him enough time. Of course, off the air when I mentioned it, Chris said that he felt like he was listening to an episode and kept forgetting that he could chime in and not be essentially talking to himself!

Anyway, Episode 106 will cover the rest of the book and our Foreign Correspondent Greg Dann will be joining us for that one so stay tuned!




Show Index

0:00:00-0:04:45 – Intro (Dani Garza) and Welcome

0:04:45-0:06:45 – Commercial Break One

0:06:45-0:53:30 – Nagash Racial update Part One

0:53:30-0:55:15 – Reading One Featuring Dani Garza

0:55:15-1:16:40 – Nagash Racial Update Part Two

1:16:40-1:18:05 – Reading Two featuring Dani Garza

1:18:05-2:10:30 – Nagash Chapter One

2:10:30-2:12:20 – Commercial Break Two

2:12:20-3:09:20 – Nagash Chapter Two

3:09:20-3:10:45 – Reading Three featuring Dani Garza

3:10:45-3:31:00 – Nagash Chapter Three (part one)

3:31:00-3:32:10 – Reading Four featuring Dani Garza

3:32:10-4:01:00 – Nagash Chapter Three (part two) and show close



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