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Episode 104 – Displayed With Pride

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So in 104 we talk about our thoughts about the new Nagash models, our hobby progress, and then we talk to Steve Herner and Brandon Palmer. Steve is on to talk about his first foray into running a tournament and his hopes that it will become a GT staple here in the Midwest. Then we have Brandon on to talk about a little of everything. Commision painting, designing and exciting top notch display boards and whatever else we think of.

Of course, if we have guests, we are certainly playing “Would You Rather.”

And for those of you asking…yes. Next episode will be part one of our patent pending Garagehammer in depth review of the Nagash supplement!


Holy Wars GT info can be found at http://www.holywarsgt.com/

You can find Brandon Palmer’s website at http://www.gmmstudios.net/#about or at his blog http://gmmstudios.blogspot.com/

In fact you can find Brandon on most social media at GMMStudios

Show Index

0:00:00-0:19:45 – Intro and Welcome

0:19:45-0:20:45 – Break One

0:20:45-0:35:40 – News and Rumors

0:35:40-0:36:10 – Warhammer Celebrity Cameo

0:36:10-1:07:45 – The Toolbox

1:07:45-1:08:45 – Break Two

1:08:45-1:39:00 – Steve Herner talks Holy Wars

1:39:00-1:40:20 – Break Three

1:40:20-2:02:35 – Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios (part 1)

2:02:35-2:03:35 – Break Four

2:03:35-2:23:35 – Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios (part 2)

2:23:35-2:36:30 – We play “Would you Rather” and show close



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