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Episode 102 – Right Brain, Left Brain


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So we never make it to the Left Brain portion of the show. Sorry, but we got kinda wrapped up in everything else and by the time we realized it, we had gone the full length of the show without the left brain/painting discussion. So we are saving that for you in Episode 103. Sorry for any confusion, hurt feelings, or general sense of being deceived.

We do still have quite a full show for you. We cover all the usual segments, plus we have on Gary Luther to talk about the latest segment of the Circle City Circuit and Greg Dann corresponding from the U.K. about his recent tourney experiences. In between that we discuss our 4K War of Vengeance game between my Dwarfs and Chris’s High Elves. We cover our lists and some of the fun parts of the game, but we never really get into turn by turn stuff like we do when we play games on the show. This really becomes more of a discussion of Dwarf v Elf tactics as well as a discussion of what we think works (or doesn’t) when these two rivals take the field against each other.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Anyone interested in Nurgle’s CarnEvil can find out more at www.indywarhammerclub.com


Show Index


0:00:00-0:10:15 – Intro and Welcome

0:10:15-0:11:15 – Break One

0:11:15-0:40:10 – News, Rumors and The Toolbox

0:40:10-0:41:10 – Break Two

0:41:10-0:57:45 – Gary Luther talks CCC and Screw City (plus “Would You Rather”)

0:57:45-0:58:40 – Break Three

0:58:40-1:35:55 – War of Vengeance (some Dwarf v Elf tactics)

1:35:55-1:37:05 – Break Four

1:37:05-2:16:20 – Foreign Correspondent Greg Dann talks Pompey Pillage

2:16:20-2:16:30 – Musical Interlude

2:16:30-2:20:30 – Greg plays “Would You Rather”

2:20:30-2:21:40 – Break Five

2:21:40-2:36:15 – We play “Would You Rather” and then close the show



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