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Transmission A: Garro Audio Dramas


So here are all four Garro Audio Dramas brought to you guys by popular demand. We didn’t call this one 7 because this isn’t book 7 in the series. This is a side topic basically, and so those will be given letter designations.

Other than that, this was fun. I wasn’t happy with the depth of our discussion/analysis, but they were short stories and there just isn’t as much to sink your teeth into as a full length novel.  They are fun though, and we do talk about certain parts that cought our eyes.

Hope you enjoy this one! Please join the forums at and let us know what you thought. Did we get anything wrong? Did we have a completely opposite view of an event? Let us know, and it might wind up on the feedback episode coming in a few weeks!


Show Index

Show Open and AU news – 0:00:00-0:06:30

Garro: Oath of Moment – 0:06:30-0:44:00

Garro: Legion of One – 0:44:00-1:10:00

Garro: Burden of Duty – 1:10:00-1:34:10

Garro: Sword of Truth – 1:34:10-2:31:00

Show Close and Stuff – 2:31:00-2:33:10



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