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Episode 99 – BitS IV

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So here is Episode 99! We are Live at BitS for most of the show, with the last two segments being recorded the Monday after.We talk about the tourney in general, talk to a few of our friends who are playing in the tourney, and then do a quick recap of David’s tourney results. (5 games in 22 minutes or something like that is pretty good for David. Staying on topic!)

Also…Contestnado is still going on! We announced FIVE contests last episode and there is still time to enter! All of these contests will have the winners announced during our big episode 100 celebration (which also coincides with the fourth anniversary of 8th edition)! You can find information on all the contests by listening to the show. Here is the link to the contest thread:  https://garagehammer.net/forum/index.php?topic=3251.0

OH! I almost forgot! there is a special Contestnado announcement in this episode so listen right away so as to get the most of this contestnado!



Show Index

0:00:00-0:03:45 – Intro and welcome

0:03:45-0:04:40 – Break One

0:04:40-0:26:20 – Grant and Steve from BitS

0:26:20-0:27:40 – Break Two

0:27:40-0:41:45 – More with Grant and Steve

0:41:45-0:42:10 – Break Three

0:42:10-0:56:25 – BitS chat with Greg DuPuis and Joe Gero

0:56:25-0:57:45 – Break Four

0:57:45-1:21:35 – “The People’s Champion” Mike Gerold and Head Paint judge Aaron Schmidt

1:21:35-1:22:40 – Break Five

1:22:40-1:40:50 – Hobby talk with Steve Herner from The Holy Hammerers Club

1:40:50-1:44:00 – Break Six

1:44:00-2:00:45 – Post BitS talk – “The Awards”

2:00:45-2:01:50 – Break Seven

2:01:50-2:23:00 – David’s Tourney Coverage

2:23:00-2:26:40 – Show Close, End of Show Announcement and Extras



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