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Episode 97 – Stunties v Greenskins

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So we are back with the first “regular” episode in two months.  There’s a bunch of stuff here…toolbox, a discussion with “Handsome Man” Grant Fetter about Blood in the Sun and a live game of Dwarfs against Orcs and Goblins.

We have a lot of fun this episode and hope you enjoy it as well. One thing though…it may sound as if we lose a whole game turn during the show. We don’t. We start at the top of three and at the end of the turn we call it the bottom of four. Don’t know how we lost track of our turns, but we did. It doesn’t affect the game as it was pretty much over before the end of turn 5, but I wanted you to know that the game end at what we call the end of six was a complete game. At that point, the outcome was set in stone.



Show Index

0:00:00-0:14:35 – Intro, welcome and voice mail

0:14:35-0:15:35 – Commercial break one

0:15:35-0:36:20 – News and Rumors

0:36:20-0:37:35 – Commercial break two

0:37:35-1:10:55 – Toolbox

1:10:55-1:12:05 – Commercial break three

1:12:05-1:39:50 – Grant Fetter talks Blood in the Sun

1:39:50-1:40:50 – Commercial break four

1:40:50-2:23:30 – Dwarf v OG pregame and first half of game

2:23:30-2:24:30 – Commercial break five

2:24:30-3:10:35 – Second half of game and some post game wrap up

3:10:35-3:11:35 – Commercial break six

3:11:35-3:25:00 – Final thoughts and end of show



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