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Episode 94 – Adeptikinda

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So here we are, our annual Adepticon coverage. It’s an odd episode. Chris and I talk about our time there, and then we talk to Dan and Wayne from Heelanhammer for a while…not so much about their games at Adepticon, but more about their trip to America and what they think of the tourney in general. We found the conversation fun and interesting, but the Warhammer content isn’t huge.

I think that it’s a good episode, a fun episode, but the overall coverage of Adepticon might have been a bit lacking. Sorry about that, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you just want to hear GH and HH hanging out and talking about Warhammer…kinda…then you should be pleased!

One other thing. We recorded for about another hour or so with a bunch of great guys, but Chris was gone, and everyone was drinking and the show just went off the rails. No content, just a bunch of guys joking around after a Warhammer tourney. Oh, there was SOME content, but not a ton, and all of it under the blanket of a few drinks. I apologize to anyone who came on at that point because you gave us your time and attention and none of it made it to the final edit of the show. You guys were champs and I had a blast talking to you and I hope you had a good time as well. It just didn’t have any actual Warhammer content. I hope you all understand.


Anyway, enjoy!

Show Notes

0:00:00-0:08:50 – Intro, welcome and voicemails

0:08:50-0:09:50 – Break One

0:09:50-0:43:00 – The Toolbox

0:43:00-0:44:10 – Break Two

0:44:10-1:25:40 – Adepticon Team Tournament, some praise for Mike Gerold, and Chris’s run for the Adepticon Championships

1:25:40-1:26:40 – Break Three

1:26:40-1:33:10 – Garagehammer and Heelanhammer part 1

1:33:10-1:34:10 – Break Four

1:34:10-2:22:15 – GH and HH part 2

2:22:15-2:23:35 – Break Five

2:23:35-2:49:00 – GH and HH part 3

2:49:00-2:50:00 – Break Six

2:50:00-2:51:30 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement

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