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Episode 90 – Paca Perfection

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Originally we planned on a discussion about winning at Warhammer.  The discussion was supposed to be about what you do to prepare for tournaments, how far you take your preparations, and how you act / what’s acceptable behavior during the game. Is Winning At All Costs an acceptable attitude / plan? If not, where do you draw the line?

Unfortunately, the topic sort of went off the wheels, mostly due to David getting very passionate (maybe a bit upset) about what’s acceptable / unacceptable during a game. In short, it was unreleasable. Luckily, all of our Paca talk combined with our regular segments were enough to make a show in and of themselves. So why am I telling you this? Well, the end of the show wound up with an impossible edit. I couldn’t make it “seamless” and that’s bugging me because I hate releasing an episode that, in my opinion, doesn’t meet the show’s usual standards of quality. It’s not awful. We’ve all probably heard worse, but it’s bugging me to no end, so I’m explaining it here. Sorry about the rough end of the show. I couldn’t make it any cleaner without doing a ton fiddling with it, and even then it would probably have been obvious that I HAD fiddled with it.

So there you have it. It’s not perfect. It’s a good episode though and I’m sorry about the somewhat sloppy ending.

Anyway, enjoy!


Show Index:

 0:00:00-0:13:20 – Intro, shout outs, voice mail and Dogs of War

 0:13:20-0:14:20 – Commercial Break 1

 0:14:20-0:50:00 – News and Rumors – White Dwarf Weekly, Warhammer: Visions and Dwarfs

 0:50:00-0:51:00 – Commercial Break 2

 0:51:00-1:19:50 – The Toolbox

 1:19:50-1:20:55 – Commercial Break 3

 1:20:55-2:14:00 – Waaagh!Paca Friday Night fun plus Saturday’s games and shenanigans

 2:14:00-2:15:15 – Commercial Break 4

 2:15:15-2:43:45 – Waaagh!Paca Sunday games and our thoughts on the unique scoring at Waaagh!Paca

 2:43:45-2:44:55 – Commercial Break 5

 2:44:55-2:50:50 – Final thoughts about Waaagh!Paca and what makes it so good

 2:50:50-2:51:30 – Musical Interlude Bridging the Gap for the Missing Segment

 2:51:30-2:57:00 – Coming in on the end of our army conversation and closing the show


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