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Episode 89 – Wishlists and Writing Lists

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So today Chris and Daivd cover several short topics. They talk about their previous game of Triumph and Treachery, followed by some chat about the new White Dwarf Weekly. Then they talk about a whole bunch of hobby, followed by David’s hopes for the upcoming Dwarf Army Book. Finally they talk about how they write army lists.



Show Index

0:00:00-0:14:55 – Intr0, Welcome, Email and Voicemail

0:14:55-0:16:10 – Commercail Break One

0:16:10-0:46:35 – Triumph and Treachery revisited, White Dwarf Weekly

0:46:35-0:48:05 – Commercial Break Two

0:48:05-1:16:00 – Dwarf Rumors and Dwarf Wishlisting

1:16:00-1:17:10 – Commercial Break Three

1:17:10-1:42:05 – The Toolbox brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore

1:42:05-1:43:05 – Commercial Break Four

1:43:05-2:23:30 – Garage 102 How we write our army lists

2:23:30-2:29:00 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement



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