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Episode 88 – Triumph and Treachery


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So we have Alex Gonzalez as our guest today as he joins us for a game of Triumph and Treachery. It’s four players, Alex, Chris, Harrison and I, and we are playing 1600 points.

I think the show turned out well, despite the fact that there are several times when we lose someone’s input because they either aren’t talking anywhere near their mic or else they turn their mic off and forget to turn it back on. That’s the problem with recording over the game table and not being able to wear headphones.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the show. You may not be able to follow every last thing that goes on in the game, but it’s my hope that the amount of fun we had comes across. We. Had. A. Blast!

Oh, and yes, Harrison’s voice is changing. He started guesting on the show when he was about 9. He just turned 13 and he’s getting big. If I forgot to mention anything, I’m sorry.



Show Index

0:00:00-0:11:20 – Show intro, shout outs, and voice mail

0:11:20-0:12:25 – Break One

0:12:25-0:52:45 – News and Rumors and The Toolbox

0:52:45-0:53:40 – Break Two

0:53:40-1:00:10 – Triumph and Treachery Lists and Deployment

1:00:10-1:28:20 – Turn 1

Ep 88 turn 1

1:28:20-1:29:45 – Break Three

1:29:45-1:45:55 – Turn 2

Ep 88 turn 2

1:45:55-2:03:10 – Turn 3

EP 88 turn 3

2:03:10-2:04:20 – Break Four

2:04:20-2:27:15 – Turn 4

Ep 88 turn 4

2:27:15-2:28:15 – Break 5

2:28:15-2:43:25 – Turn 5

Ep 88 turn 5

2:43:25-2:51:30 – Turn 6

2:51:30-3:07:00 – Final thoughts after the game and show close


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