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Transmission 05. 1 – Fulgrim Parts 4 and 5

So tonight we continue with Fulgrim (parts 4&5) by Graham McNeill.

We start off talking about the cover as we skipped that last time, but then jump right into part four. We had a great time discussing this book and we hope you all enjoyed it too. With so much plot to discuss, I personally hope we got deep enough into the characterization, metaphor and other literary devices. Let us know what you think!
So anyway, enjoy! We will see you in a few weeks with the feedback episode.


Show Notes

0:00:00-0:05:45 – Introduction and discussion of the cover (with a mention of Massacre and The IC Podcast)

0:05:45-1:18:25 – Fulgrim Part Four – Threshold

1:18:25-1:19:10 – Break 1

1:19:10-2:30:00 – Fulgrim Part Five – The Last Phoenix

2:30:00-2:37:55 – Book wrap up, new contest announced, and show close


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