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Episode 87 – GW 2013 in Review

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So we are doing our annual year end review, and this year it’s a DOOZY! There was so much released form GW this year that it’s almost mind boggling. After that, we both discuss the three things we would have like to seen done better by GW this year, followed up by the three things we thought were top notch form GW.

Anyway, here’s the show. Hope you enjoy it, and we will see you next year!

Oh, and I’m sorry about the one really short segment. It was about 20 minutes longer originally and the commercial SHOULD have been there, but then I cut the rather lengthy Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug review because it was long, off topic, and mostly just David whinging how HFR 3D was distracting to the point of making the movie hard to watch and enjoy.

Show Index

0:00:00-0:11:00 – Elvis, Intro, Shout outs and Voice Mail

0:11:00-0:12:00 – Commercial Break One

0:12:00-0:49:15 – News and Rumors and Part one of the Toolbox

0:49:15-0:50:10 – Commercial Break Two

0:50:10-1:00:50 – Toolbox part two

1:00:50-1:02:00 – Comercial Break Three

1:02:00-1:48:45 – GW 2013 in Review

1:48:45-1:49:45 – Commercial Break Four

1:49:45-2:11-50 – Three things we’d have liked to have been different from GW 2013

2:11:50-2:13:00 – Commercial Break Five

2:13:00-2:33:25 – Our three favorite things from GW in 2013

2:33:25-2:34:30 – Commercial Break Six

2:34:30-2:42:45 – Show Close, end of show announcement and some music

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