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Episode 83 – Dark Elf Review Part 1

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So here’s another Dark Elf Review, but we’ve added a twist. We start by going in depth on the fluff, and then we cover Special Rules, Magic Lore and Magic Items. How is that different? Well, besides all the fluff discussion, we don’t complain about the army either way! How’s that for interesting, eh? Not crying broken, not whinging nerf, we give the Dark Elves the Garagehammer treatment.

Thanks to our friend Alex Nikitenko for coming on and giving us the benefit of his experience with the Dark Elves. We couldn’t have done this episode with him! During the show we do say we are coming back to do Lords and Heroes, but we had to save it for next episode, as it would have put us to 4+ hours, and we just don’t do that anymore.


I apologize for the clarity of Alex on the show. It was totally not his fault. It was a tiny bit skype and a lot my computer.



Show Index:


0:00:00-0:01:25 – Dark Elf Dani’s Intro

0:01:25-0:16:00 – Welcome and “stuff and things”

0:16:00-0:17:30 – Commercial Break 1

0:17:30-0:56:15 – Dark Elf background and geography

0:56:15-0:57:45 – Dark Elf Dani 2

0:57:45-1:30:45 – Annals of the Black Tower

1:30:45-1:32:45 – Commercial Break 2

1:32:45-1:55:40 – Our big beefs with Dark Elf society

1:55:40-1:57:00 – Dark Elf Dani 3

1:57:00-2:34:05 – Special rules, Alex’s basic impressions, and the Lore of Dark Magic

2:34:05-2:36:05 – Commercial Break 3

2:36:50-3:03:30 – The Black Armoury

3:03:30-3:04:15 – Dark Elf Dani 4

3:04:15-3:13:00 – Show Wrap up and close


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