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So this year at GenCon was just as awesome as always. In fact, it was even better than before because this time we brought Harrison with us! So who’s on with me? Andy Sherman from Ohiohammer is on. Chris and Ronnie form Mantic Games are on as well. The surprise however, is my co-host who came on to book-end the episode…my wife Heather. She’s a gamer, and she goes with me every year, so as long as we didn’t talk Warhammer (much) she was willing to come on and talk a little about gaming.

Before you listen though, I want to apologize for the sound quality. We normally pride ourselves on the clear sound for all our guests, but for some reason something was wonky this weekend. Ronnie fades in and out a bit. Not so bad that you can’t hear him, but enough to be annoying to me (and enough to notice all the mixing that went into getting him to the level he’s at). Also, some of the discussion I had with Andy had a weird buzz and it was pissing me off and I couldn’t get rid of the buzz, so I just cut those parts out and filled the gaps with a bit of music. Sorry Andy, there was some choice stuff that got lost, but I just couldn’t post it the way it was.

Heather was worried that she didn’t add much to the show, but everyone says that to me the first time they record. I think she was fine, and if we do other ‘gamers about non table top miniature games that she enjoys I’m going to have her back. Please feel free to post your opinion on the show thread on our forums.




Show Index

0:00:00-0:02:00 – Intro and Welcome

0:02:00-0:18:40 – GenCon show open with Heather Witek

0:18:40-0:22:10 – Heather takes a break and David talks to you all about AUDIBLE

0:22:10-0:45:55 – Chris Palmer form Mantic Games

0:45:55-1:01:20 – Ronnie Renton from Mantic

1:01:20-1:27:25 – Andrew Sherman form Ohiohammer

1:27:25-1:49:00 – Back with Heather and the show close.


Mars Attacks!


Lambda Shuttle



TIE Bomber




Star Wars X-Wing 1