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Episode 80 – Lizardmen Review Part Two

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So here is part two of the Lizardmen review. I’m prefacing this by saying that the heat wave that was going on did something insane the the mold and pollen levels and even people like me who never have allergies were being laid low by their power. I was congested and slightly medicated for that same congestion, so forgive me if I don’t come across as 100% lucid (I know, I know, as opposed to what?)

So we hit the army list running this week after a slew of voice mails! Thanks to Steve Foote, Alex Gonzalez and the Cranky Lawyer for their voicemails.

The link to the event to help Sophia is here: http://innsmouthgamingclub.wordpress.com/battle-for-sophia/

We try to cover everything, and if it doesn’t seem viable in those “I know what the ONLY list is” environments, well…we come up with a way to prove or disprove their viability (namely tell Jeff that he’s going to try them for us)!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy. We know everyone else raced to get theirs out, so you might be burnt out on lizards…but nobody else gives it the “Garagehammer” treatment.


Enjoy the fluff!

Show Index

0:00:00-0:03:45 – Show Intro and welcome

0:03:45-0:11:15 – Shout outs and voice mails

0:11:10-0:13:40 – Break 1

0:13:40-0:51:30 – Lords of the Lizards

0:51:30-0:53:25 – Break 2

0:53:25-1:09:30 – Heroes of the Lizards

1:09:30-1:10:50 – Fluff Break 1

1:10:50-1:36:40 – Core Units

1:36:40-1:38:35 – Break 3

1:38:35-1:58:35 – Special Units part 1

1:58:35-1:59:40 – Fluff Break 2

1:59:40-2:32:50 – Special Units part 2

2:32:50-2:34:00 – Fluff Break 3

2:34:00-3:01:05 – Rare Units

3:01:05-3:03:55 – Break 4

3:03:55-3:21:15 – Lizards in General

3:21:15-3:22:30 – Fluff Break 4

3:22:30-3:25:20 – Goodbyes

3:25:30-3:26:30 – End of show announcement


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