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Episode 79 – Lizardmen Review Part One

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So here is part one of the Lizardmen review. We cover the fluff rather extensively, but we can’t help it. There is so much cool stuff in there!

After that, we go into the army special rules, the Lizardmen’s take on the Lore of High Magic (including discussing who benefits more from it, High Elves of Lizardmen), and the army’s Magic Items list. We know that may not seem like much, but we just got wrapped up in so much of it! I don’t think we’ve ever gone this in depth before but we had such a good time talking about it and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Next episode we will cover the other army list entries so stay tuned!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:05:00 – Show intro, welcome, and shout out

0:05:00-0:10:30 – Voice mail and an important PSA

0:10:30-0:12:35 – Break One

0:12:35-0:48:00 – Lizardmen fluff part one

0:48:00-0:48:55 – Break Two

0:48:55-0:49:55 – Fluff Reading One

0:49:55-1:14:00 – Lizardmen fluff part two

1:14:00-1:16:00 – Break Three

1:16:00-1:47:05 – Lizardmen special rules

1:47:05-1:48:30 – Fluff Reading Two

1:48:30-2:40:00 – High Magic! Lizardmen v. High Elves

2:40:00-2:40:55 – Break Four

2:40:55-2:42:15 – Fluff Reading Three

2:42:15-3:09:05 – Lizardmen Magic Items

3:09:05-3:09:22 – Break Five

3:09:22-3:13:45 – Show close and end of show announcement


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