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Episode 78 – Warriors of the Northern Wastelands

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So on this episode we talk a little about our thoughts in the new Lizardmen book before moving on to our hobby talk. We had a fun game of High Elves against Vampire Counts, and I still can’t break my losing streak against those skirt wearing, pointy eared nuisances! We talk a bit because I tried a new list, kind of a net list. However, despite all the new toys I brought to the table, it wasn’t cohesive…maybe we need to address this in the future. Just chopping away 1/2 of your normal list and replacing it with other stuff just seems to be a mistake in hindsight.

After that stuff we get into the campaign that I’m writing. It’s ALMOST done. Some of the on-air discussion showed me that there are some definite changes that need to be made in the rules. I have posted the initial rules set at https://garagehammer.net/forum/index.php?topic=2430.0

Well, that’s the show. Hope it was interesting for you all. It’s a whole lot of rules talk, but I hope that the love of the campaign game came across.

Anyway, enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:03:00 – Intro and welcome

0:03:00-0:08:20 – Shout out from Robert Hensell and voice mail

0:08:20-0:09:20 – Break 1

0:09:20-0:21:40 – Purehammer

0:21:40-0:23:05 – Break 2

0:23:05-0:37:10 – New and Rumors

0:37:10-1:03:10 – The Toolbox

1:03:10-1:04:50 – Break 3

1:04:50-1:31:40 – Some talk about our High Elves v Vampire Counts game

1:31:40-1:32:55 – Break 4

1:32:55-2:11:30 – Warriors of the Northern Wastelands campaign special rules

2:11:30-2:12:40 – Break 5

2:12:40-2:35:55 – Warriors of the Northern Wastelands basic campaign rules

2:35:55-2:37:05 – Break 6

2:37:05-2:45:30 – A little more campaign stuff then show close and end of show announcement


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