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After Ullanor  Transmission 3 – Galaxy in Flames

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So tonight we dive into “Galaxy in Flames” by Ben Counter. We welcome Carl from The Independent Characters Podcast again as he is more than generous with his time in this obscenely long episode.

We exhaustively cover this final installment of the initial Heresy Trilogy. We cover everything in the book as we did before, but as we reach the culmination of this part of the story, we get in to a bunch of discussions of themes and symbols that now become clear as they’ve occurred throughout the trilogy.

On a side note, future episodes will absolutely be as thorough, but as they are not parts of a trilogy, we hope to cover themes and symbols in more depth.  Also, we know there’s been an obnoxiously long gap between transmissions, but the summer has been hectic and crazy to say the least. We are planning on keeping episodes more regular once school is back in session and our schedules get a bit more set.

So anyway, enjoy! We will see you in about 6 weeks with “Flight of the Eisenstein.”


Show Notes

0:00:00-0:24:15 – Introduction and overall impressions of the book

0:24:15-2:05:10 – Galaxy in Flames Book One – The Long Knives

2:05:10-2:05:40 – Break 1

2:05:40-3:09:15 – Galaxy in Flames Book 2 – The Choral City

3:09:10-3:09:40 – Break 2

3:09:40-3:59:15 – Galaxy in Flames Book 3 – Brothers

3:59:15-4:06:05 – Post book wrap up and show close

4:06:05-4:06:51 – After Show Clip


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