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After Ullanor  Transmission 2 – False Gods

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Special Guest Co-Host: Carl Tuttle of “The Independent Characters” podcast [insert choir of angels here]

So here’s the first of our “listener feedback” episodes.  A bunch of you have responded to “False Gods” with your thoughts and ideas about the book and we are bringing some of that back to the audience. We are kind of excited about this episode as this is where the show goes from just us talking about the book to you, to us talking about the book with you.

We know this first one is a little rough, but as the series continues and more and more of you all join in on the conversation, this is just going to get better!

So anyway, enjoy! We will see you in a few weeks with “Galaxy In Flames.” We know, it should be out by now, but real life has stranded us with only the first third of the book covered, so as soon as we can all get in on Skype and finish the show, you’ll have it.


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