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Episode 77 – Hobby Gaming and Itchy Nuisances

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Chris and I discuss a LOT of hobby stuff in The Toolbox before talking a bit about the “hobby tournament” Invasion Kenosha. We talk about the scenarios and how they affected list builds and how well the meshed with the other special list allowances in the rules pack. After that I talk about my experience at Invasion Kenosha V. (spoiler: it was AWESOME)

After that, Chris and I discuss hobby v competitive gamers. We got some email stating that the show isn’t for the casual garage gamer anymore because we aren’t really garage gamers anymore. So we discuss that and talk about why / if those things need be exclusive and whether we or the show have changed that much and why. It’s a bit of an odd segment because it’s a bit more personal than we originally intended but, after listening to it (and a liberal bit of editing) I think it’s a pretty good segment that talks about not only how hobby and competitive gaming don’t need to be exclusive, but how being a part of the larger Warhammer community can actually help make you a better hobby gamer!

Finally, here’s the link to the High Elf Phoenix Conversion that we talk about in the beginning of the episode.

Anyway, enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:04:00 – Master Engineer intro and welcome

 0:04:00-0:13:10 – Voice mail, Google voice translation and YouTube Phoenix/Griffon conversion

 0:13:10-0:14:50 – Break One

 0:14:50-0:50:55 – News and Rumors / The Toolbox

                 Lots and lots of hobby! Chris has a bunch of new stuff including some conversions

 0:50:55-0:52:55 – Break Two

 0:52:55-1:10:00 – Chris’s Itchy Nuisance and some talk about the show scenarios affect lists at Invasion Kenosha V followed by a fond farewell to Invasion Kenosha

 1:10:00-1:11:10 – Break Three

 1:11:10-1:35:40 – David’s winning run at Invasion Kenosha V

 1:35:40-1:37:00 – Break Four

 1:37:00-2:12:30 – Is Garagehammer no longer a hobby-centric podcast? Are hobby gaming and competitive gaming necessarily exclusive?

 2:12:30-2:13:55 – Break Five

 2:13:55-2:18:00 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement

 2:18:00-2:19:05 – After show clip


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