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Episode 76 – Practice Makes Perfect Confusion

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So Chris and I have been getting a bunch of emails form people asking how we get ready for tournaments in regards to building lists and planning for scenarios and such. SO we got together and tried recording a game and then discussing it afterwards. We had a lot of fun playing, but most importantly we got a good sense of what we needed to do next. Hopefully, this will work as a response to these requests.

Before we go on, I wanted to acknowledge that it’s probably hard to visualize everything that’s going on in the game and where everything is, but I’m hoping that the good outweighs the bad here and that you have fun listening to us play our game and discuss it. I think the discussion afterwards is pretty solid. We realize the mistakes we made during the game, and discuss how John’s desire to run a tournament that’s both fluffy and challenging is affecting us in terms of what we will bring and how we will play.

It’s a bit of an odd episode, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Again, I apologize about the delay in our summer release schedule. It’s just been a busy summer with lots of time spent outside with the kids and away form the hobby tables! (I know, blasphemy!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Show Index

0:00:00-0:05:00 – Intro and Welcome

0:05:00-0:06:00 – Break 1

0:06:00-0:19:00 – News & Rumors and The Toolbox

0:19:00-0:33:10 – Invasion Kenosha (synopsis, list ideas and scenarios)

0:33:10-0:34:40 – Break 2

0:34:40-0:47:20 – Start of the VC v O&G game!

0:47:20-0:48:30 – Break 3

0:48:30-1:02:10 – VC and O&G turn 2!

1:02:10-1:03:25 – Break 4

1:03:25-1:26:55 – VC and O&G turn 3 and top of 4

1:26:55-1:27:55 – Break 5

1:27:55-1:53:30 – VC and O&G bottom of 4 to end of game

1:53:30-1:54:20 – Break 6

1:54:20-2:14:40 – Post game discussion. Lists, strategies and the scenarios.

2:14:40-2:15:50 – Break 7

2:15:50-2:19:40 – Show close and end of show announcement


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