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Episode 75 – BitS III & Taking Dark Secrets to the Grave

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Sorry about the delay folks! A full week late is not something I thought we would ever be, but here we are. This is our post Blood in the Sun III coverage, and we think it’s a lot of fun. We talk about the tournament, tourney scoring, several games, and we also have “live” recordings from BitS III with Grant Fetter, Johnny Hastings, Kevin Bruins, Andrew Niekamp and Chris Broeska.


Show Index:

Show Index

0:00:00-0:03:50 – Show Intro and Welcome

0:03:50-0:07:45 – Voice mail including a Google Voice Translator

0:07:45-0:08:40 – Break 1

0:08:40-0:27:50 – News and Rumors (from the Circle City Circuit) and The Toolbox (from ChaosOrc Superstore!)

0:27:50-0:28:40 – Break 2

0:28:40-0:39:50 – Chris plays more High Elves

0:39:50-1:06:00 – BitS III Afterthoughts

1:06:00-1:07:15 – Break 3

1:07:15-1:39:45 – David’s time at BitS

1:39:45-1:40:45 – Break 4

1:40:45-2:09:30 – BitS “Live!” First: Grant, Chris and David. Second: Johnny Hastings, Kevin Bruins, Chris and David.

2:09:30-2:10:00 – Break 5

2:10:00-2:50:45 – BitS “Live!” Andrew Niekamp, Chris Broeska, Chris and David

2:50:45-2:51:50 – Break 6

2:51:50-2:55:45 – BitS Results

2:55:45-2:58:40 – Show close and end of show announcement

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