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Episode 74 – High Elf Review Part II

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So we cover the news and talk to Lizardmen Jeff about the Circle City Circuit before the toolbox. After that, we talk a LOT of High Elves. Sorry about the loose editing. I just didn’t have the energy to go in and cut out every pause from 1:30am on…

(Chris Yu put a lot of work into getting all new music picked out and even manager to get Greg Dann to record some of the fluff bits for you, so please let us know what you think of the job so far. It’s not exactly the way we normally review a book and he’d love to hear how much you enjoy all the work he put into this!)


Show Index:

0:00:00-0:05:35 – Show open and welcome

0:05:35-0:06:55 – Break 1
0:06:55-0:24:00 – A cappella back followed by a Circle City Circuit update with Lizardmen Jeff
0:24:00-0:28:45 – News and Rumors (Eldar and Warhammer Quest)
0:28:45-1:02:30 – The Toolbox (I have NO IDEA how this got so long after only just a week. Forgive my lazy editing)
1:02:30-1:03:20 – Break 2
1:03:20-2:01:05 – Chris and Ryan give us their new lists and then we cover High Elf Named Character choices
2:01:05-2:02:50 – Break 3
2:02:50-2:17:45 – High Elf Lords
2:17:45-2:18:10 – Break 4
2:18:10-2:39:15 – High Elf Heroes
2:39:15-2:40:35 – Break 5
2:40:35-2:58:20 – High Elf Core
2:58:20-2:59:05 – Break 6
2:59:05-3:28:25 – High Elf Special
3:28:25-3:30:05 – Break 7
3:30:05-4:09:25 – High Elf Rare
4:09:52-4:10:48 – Break 8
4:10:48-4:17:20 – Twitter questions on High Elves and opinions on match-ups
4:17:20-4:22:00 – Show Close, End of Show Announcement and After Show Clip
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