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After Ullanor  Transmission 2 – False Gods

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So tonight we dive into “False Gods” by Graham McNeill. We know these first few episodes are long, but this opening trilogy is so dense with characters and action that we couldn’t do it justice by skipping around when the entire heresy revolves around the events in this book.

We have a lot planned for the upcoming episodes, including an amazing contest, cool guests and much much more, so we hope you’ll keep tuning in. We also ask that you join us in the After Ullanor Forums at because we really want your feedback. Also, the False Gods Episode thread has more info on our plans for the future, and we need your input!

So anyway, enjoy! We will see you in about 6 weeks with “Galaxy In Flames.”

Show Index

0:00:00-0:17:15 – Show intro, sponsor, and Transmission 1 Feedback

0:17:15-0:56:25 – False Gods Part One – The Betrayer

0:56:25-1:46:55 – False Gods Part Two – Plague Moon

1:46:55-2:29:10 – False Gods Part Three – The House Of False Gods

2:29:10-3:06:40 – False Gods Part Four – Crusade’s End

3:06:40-3:12:00 – Show Close

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