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Episode 70 – Almost Prepared

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So it is totally late and I could have worked harder to make this a tighter edit but it took long enough to get it out so please accept our apologies on the tardiness and enjoy the episode. As we get close to Adepticon, we talk to Bryan Steele about some of the awesome stuff going on at Cool Mini Or Not and about the Crystal Brush and why we should enter. Then, what we want to see at Adepticon across the tables and what we don’t. Basically, our hobby heads are concentrating on this stuff at the moment, so that’s what we talked about because we couldn’t bring ourselves to focus on anything else.


Show Index:

0:00:00-0:09:40 – Intro, welcome and shout out from Steve Khazon

0:09:40-0:13:20 – Voice Mail with an older VM from Adam Cardone

0:13:20-0:14:55 – Break 1

0:14:55-0:36:45 – We talk to Bryan Steele about the CMON Expo

0:36:45-0:38:00 – Break 2

0:38:00-1:00:40 – We’re back with Bryan Steele talking about the Crystal Brush Competition and CMON in general

1:00:40-1:02:00 – Break 3

1:02:00-1:24:55 – News and Rumors with some release schedule and High Elf rumors (and wishlisting)

1:24:55-1:26:10 – Break 4

1:26:10-2:05:20 – The Tooldbox, reading, LOTS of building and painting, and Evil Dead!

2:05:20-2:06:50 – Break 5

2:06:50-2:35:20 – What we hope to do/not do at Adepticon and whose army’s got the biggest forum

2:35:20-2:36:30 – Break 6

2:36:30-2:42:30 – Show close and end of show announcement


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