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Episode 69 – A Top 5 List Plus Adepticon Prep

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So we have another batch of mini topics for you today. We talk about the lack of rumors (at least at the time of recording…lots of Tau info since then) and then sort of wander off into discussions of what we hope is to come and what our future hobby plans may be. The Toolbox is a bit long as we are in full hobby mode before Adepticon and Chris and I love to talk hobby and painting.

After that, we discuss our top 5 chariots. (We know, Curry did it like last week…so sue us.) We also recorded our top 5 war machines, but that’s getting shelved for next episode since we were running a bit long.

Finally, Alex Nikitenko is back on and we all talk about our time at the Adepticon Primer tournament at the Battle Bunker before discussing the merits of the 20-0 scoring system and the W-L-D system. This conversation turns into what will probably become a semi-regular segment of people asking Alex for advice on their lists. I have been having trouble delivering the “final blow” with my list so Alex takes a look at it, asks where I’m having trouble, and helps me fine tune my list. It’s not a “this is the best unit so just spam that” conversation. Alex looks at the list and gives me options, and the reasons why he gave me those options. All in all a great segment, and one we will be doing again soon!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:02:45 – Intro and welcome

0:02:45-0:06:00 – Shout out to/from Ed Carpenter

0:06:00-0:09:55 – Voice Mail and possible missed edit

0:09:55-0:11:20 – Break 1

0:11:20-0:22:00 – Lack of News and Rumors

0:22:00-1:03:15 – The Toolbox

1:03:15-1:05:15 – Break 2

1:05:15-1:38:40 – Our top 5 Warhammer Chariots

1:38:40-1:40:45 – Break 3

1:40:45-2:09:15 – Adepticon Primer and 20-0 v. W-L-D with Alex Nikitenko

2:09:15-2:11:20 – Break 4

2:11:20-2:45:05 – More with Alex. List building and having a fun game followed by some list building discussion.

2:45:05-2:46:35 – Break 5

2:46:35-2:49:35 – Show close, end of show announcement and after show clip


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