Episode 67 – Warriors of Chaos Review

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In this episode, Chris Yu is absent due to some work demands, so Grant Fetter agrees to fill in the second chair for his first visit to the show in far too long.  We talk Warriors of Chaos and, since Grant played them for quite a long time, he gives us some of his expert insight into what he thinks about the changes in the army book. He’s got a few games under his belt, so he’s got some ideas. Of course, this is a “first impressions” session, but in the true Garagehammer style.

Of course, Grant and I really got into the discussion and the damn thing went six and a half hours. Of course, we had to cut this into two episodes. So for this episode you’ll get about half the book. On March 10th, you’ll get the second half.
Anyway, enjoy!
Show Index:
Pre-show announcement – 0:00:00-0:03:15
Intro & Welcome – 0:03:15-0:22:40
Break 1 – 0:22:40-0:24:05
News & Rumors – 0:24:05-0:30:05
Break 2 – 0:30:05-0:31:05
The Toolbox – 0:31:05-1:03:40
Break 3 – 1:03:40-1:05:20
Warriors Review – Fluff, Special Rules, Lords & Heroes – 1:05:20-2:12:35
Break 4 – 2:12:35-2:13:50
Warriors Core – 2:13:50-2:52:55
Break 5 – 2:52:55-2:54:05
Warriors Rare – 2:54:05-3:26:35
Break 6 – 3:26:35-3:27:55
Impromptu Show Wrap Up – 3:27:55-3:30:10

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