Episode 66 – 1000 Zomblars

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So this one is a bit long. We cover the basics in the beginning, some news & rumors as well as a bunch of hobby stuff. After, we have on Brad Schwandt (Rhellion) and Alex and Kari Ann Gonzalez and BOY do we cover a lot! We start out talking about Waaaghpaca! We don’t get into the games so much as the experience and why I need to do all in my power to change my daughter’s birthday so that I can finally make it to this tournament someday. After that we talk soft scores. We cover painting in one segment and sportsmanship in another. After all that we talk about Adepticon and try to pry all that we can out of Alex (yeah…we don’t get much. He’s not giving anything away.)

During the episode, somehow we get onto the topic of why I should be painting either 1000 gnoblars or 1000 zombies (and I should get to decide…isn’t that magnanimous of everyone?). Alex manages to turn on e of my favorite Core Comp scenarios into a challenge to get me to do it. Basically, if you’re a fan of the show who loves the Chrises and not the David, the torture they are putting me through will amuse you. If you are a fan of my stupidity (and those of you who are really need professional help), you’ll still find how easily they get under my skin to be entertaining. Man, I hate those guys.

One final note…I’m still working on the new commercials for our new sponsors, so these “live reads”  aren’t the final product, so please bear with them as we try to get them some polish for next time.

Anyway, Enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:05:45 – Intro, welcome and sponsors

0:05:45-0:12:10 – Shout out, voice mail and Garagegear at Adepticon

0:12:10-0:13:30 – Break 1

0:13:30-0:29:05 – News and Rumors

0:29:05-0:30:25 – Break 2

0:30:25-0:57:30 – The Toolbox and the 2013 Hobby Commitment

0:57:30-0:59:05 – Break 3

0:59:05-1:30:20 – Waaaghpaca talk with Rhellion and Alex and Kari Ann Gonzalez

1:30:20-1:32:10 – Break 4

1:32:10-2:13:15 – Adepticon talk with Rhellion and the Gonzalez family

2:13:15-2:14:50 – Break 5

2:14:50-2:40:45 – Soft scores (paint) with Rhellion and the Gonzalez family

2:40:45-2:42:35 – Break 6

2:42:35-3:12:35 – Soft Scores (sportsmanship) with the Gonzalez family

3:12:35-3:13:55 – Break 7

3:13:55-3:18:30 – Show wrap up and close

3:18:30-3:19:21 – Post show clip




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