Episode 65 – Heroic Last Stand

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So here is the last game of our mini campaign! First, we talk a bit about the upcoming Warriors of Chaos release (at the time we recorded WD wasn’t out yet, so we don’t have a ton to go on). Then a shorter toolbox and then our game!

So we tried recording the whole game, hoping to play highlights of actual game play during our turn by turn recaps, but the game was not all that long and the recording sounded kind of cool so we just left the whole unedited game in there. It’s a little odd and we are missing a list rundown from Chris which didn’t record for some reason, but we thought it sounded cool so we let it run this way. We would like to know what you think!

After that we have Alex Nikitenko on in the first of what will be a recurring segment where he talks tactics with us. Today he’s talking about what he would have taken if we was in our shoes and why.


Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:10:40 – Intro and welcome and sponsors including introducing our new sponsors!

0:10:40-0:16:30 – Listener shout outs!

0:16:30-0:17:55 – Break 1

0:17:55-0:37:15 – News & Rumors brought to you be Lizardmen Jeff and the Circle City Circuit

We talk about Daemons, no wait, Warriors! Also, I talk about cutting back the number of armies I own, but I think we all know I’m fooling myself.

0:37:15-0:38:05 – Break 2

0:38:05-0:57:30 – The Toolbox

0:57:30-0:58:55 – Break 3

0:58:55-1:48:00 – Heroic Last Stand, our final mini-campaign game

1:48:00-1:49:05 – Break 4

1:49:05-2:10:25 – Strategy and Tactics with Alex Nikitenko

2:10:25-2:11:25 – Break 5

2:11:25-2:31:00 – Strategy and Tactics with Alex Nikitenko

2:31:00-2:32:00 – Break 6

2:32:00-2:40:20 – Show close and End of Show Announcement



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