Episode 64 – A Look Back at GW 2012

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So rather than wrap up the year in general, we decided to look at the list of all the product GW put out in the last 12 months. We also talk about what three things GW needs to work on, as well as the three things they definitely hit home runs with. Greg Dann, our European Correspondent, joins us for the entire episode in this look back at 2012.


Ok, I’m just putting this out there…I was a bit of a lazy editor this episode. We were talking to Greg and we don’t get to talk to him as often as we’d like, so we were up recording for quite a while. I cleaned and tightened the show, but we were having a lot of fun discussing everything that came up and I hope the fun we were having comes through. I just didn’t really want to go back and hack out 15-20 minutes more when I already cut a whole mini topic to get it down to 3:15. I hope you guys don’t mind that I left this one long.


Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:01:45 – Intro and Welcome

0:01:50-0:04:00 – Shout out Kenneth Lull and the Ineptus Astartes! And we now have voicemail!

0:04:00-0:05:15 – Break 1

0:05:15-0:15:30 – The Hobbit. (both the movie and the game!)

0:15:30-0:22:30 – Dark Angels and Great Eagles

0:22:30-0:23:45 – Break 2

0:23:45-0:30:15 – The Dwellers Below, Google Voice Translator, and Chris Cousin can apparently play Warhammer (somewhat).

0:30:15-0:47:30 – Three guys and a lot of books!

0:47:30-0:50:35 – The “Wisdom of Warhammer” contest!

0:50:35-1:03:45 – Painting, or a lack of painting, and if David can paint 200+ zombies, then why can’t he do a simply 1000 gnoblar army? Getting new armies, and will our kids want/be allowed to play Warhammer?

1:03:45-1:05:45 – Break 3, Cranky!, and Raindog’s Rampage

1:05:45-1:33:00 – Gaming! We did some actual gaming!

1:33:00-1:34:20 – Break 4

1:34:20-1:44:15 – GW’s releases Jan ’12 – March ’12 and our thoughts.

1:44:15-1:59:30 – GW releases April – June

1:59:30-2:12:00 – GW releases July – September

2:12:00-2:19:15 – GW releases October – December

2:19:15-2:20:50 – Break 5

2:20:50-2:47:20 – The three things from GW that needed the most improvement this past year.

2:47:20-2:48:40 – Break 6 and The (Cranky) Wisdom of Warhammer

2:48:40-3:11:15 – Our three favorite things from GW this year

3:11:15-3:15:00 – Show wrap-up and close

3:15:00-3:15:40 – Other stuff.


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