Episode 63 – The Bastard and The Beastmen

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So we recorded this only 4 days after we recorded Episode 62. That meant we had no news and rumors and just about no Toolbox segment. I guess that’s good, because that means we recorded a Garagehammer Army Book Review in UNDER 4 HOURS! (gasp!)

A huge thanks to Johnny Hastings for coming on and spending almost an entire Friday night recording with us.

The Master Engineer took the night off, which allowed me to drop in some Christmas music at the beginning of the show. It’s my all time favorite Christmas song. Hope you like it. After that, get ready for the Garagehammer patent pending “Cover to Cover” army review!

Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:02:20 – Santa Claus is Back in Town

0:02:20-0:04:00 – Welcome and thank yous

0:04:00-0:08:55 – Ridiculously long shout out from John Kersey from The Deployment Zone

0:08:55-0:11:50 – Chris Yu Reviews some new Spam products!

0:11:50-0:13:25 – Break 1

0:13:25-0:14:30 – Complete lack of any news or rumors

0:14:30-0:22:00 – The Toolbox

0:22:00-0:37:35 – What got Johnny started on Beastmen / Beastmen fluff

0:37:35-0:38:25 – Break 2

0:38:25-1:09:20 – Beastmen Special Rules / Lore of the Wild

1:09:20-1:10:50 – Break 3

1:10:50-1:56:30 – Lords /Heroes / Core

1:56:30-1:57:30 – Break 4

1:57:30-2:27:30 – Specials

2:27:30-2:28:30 – Break 5

2:28:30-3:07:40 – Rares / Gifts of Chaos / Magic Items Begin

3:07:40-3:08:50 – Break 6

3:08:50-3:43:55 – Finish Magic Items and then cover Johnny’s basic strategies for Beastmen

3:43:55-3:44:55 – The Wisdom of Warhammer

3:44:55-3:48:00 – Show Wrap-up and End of Show Announcement



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