Episode 62 – Fat Men and Famous Lizards

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So in this episode we talk with a new guest to the show, Domus Puer, about the Garagehammer Weigh Loss Group. After, we talk a bit about the different values a model or unit might have beyond their points value. Finally, we discuss the Lizardmen special characters and see if (in our opinion) they are fluffy or hardcore.

Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:04:50 – Intro and welcome

0:04:50-0:06:05 – Break One

0:06:05-0:13:00 – News and Rumors

0:13:00-0:13:50 – Break Two

0:13:50-0:38:45 – The Garagehammer Weight Loss Group

0:38:45-0:40:10 – Break Three

0:40:10-0:59:10 – The Toolbox

0:59:10-1:00:10 – Break Four

1:00:10-1:16:10 – Chris’s Merry Mayhem Report

1:16:10-1:17:05 – Break Five

1:17:05-1:33:30 – The value of a unit beyond the point cost

1:33:30-1:34:30 – Break Six

1:34:30-2:07:35 – Lizardmen special Lord level Characters

2:07:35-2:08:30 – Break Seven

2:08:30-2:43:15 – Lizardmen special Hero Level Characters

2:43:15-2:44:10 – The Wisdom of Warhammer

2:44:10-2:48:30 – Show wrap-up and close


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