Episode 61 – Hold the High Ground

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So in this episode we talk about how fast the Fantasy Championships filled up at Adepticon, the new Empire and Vampire army boxes, and of course we head into the Toolbox.  After that we play the second game in our Micro Narrative Campaign. Finally, we get into a discussion about my ideas for having units level up with experience in our upcoming (as soon as I finish writing it) narrative campaign.  We also talk about our new weight loss club. We invite anyone who needs to lose weight to join us on the Garagehammer forums and join us as we try to collectively lose a ton of gamers. You can find it on our forum under the group “Take It Off! (The Weight, We Mean!)” and we invite anyone to join.

Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00 – Intro and welcome – a little talk of Thanksgiving as well!

0:05:30 – A shout out to Rhinox Riders

0:07:55 – Break 1

0:08:55 – News and Rumors – not a ton of news but we start talking about Adepticon and Fantasy’s fastest sell-out ever…which somehow goes into display boards…man, I don’t know either.  It’s Chris’s job to keep us on target! When we do get back, we cover the new Empire and VC army boxes.

0:43:20 – Break 2 (Including the Circle City Circuit Update!)

0:45:50 – The Toolbox

1:14:50 – Break 3

1:16:25 – Hold the High Ground (Micro Narrative Campaign Game 2)

1:45:05 – Break 4

1:46:15 – Last turn and post-game wrap-up

2:01:50 – Break 5

2:02:55 – We discuss the game a few days later and cover some mistakes we noticed later. After that we talk a little bit about the BIG campaign I’m working on. I ask for help from the listeners before discussing my plan for “leveling up” units.

2:35:30 – The Wisdom of Warhammer and Break 6

2:37:55 – The Garagehammer Weight Loss Challenge and show close and wrap-up


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