Episode 60 – FAQs and Dwarf Grudges

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So this Episode starts with us celebrating Chris’s 10th Episode in the Co-Host chair, and then he starts a trip down nostalgia lane about how we all met. Then we are into the new releases form GW. Everyone’s been giving their opinions on the new models, so why shouldn’t we? We also talk about Adepticon a bit since registration opens the Monday after this episode releases.

We then get to the Toolbox and discuss our weeks in hobby, reading and movies…as usual!

Then we get into the FAQs. We start off with a segment covering the whole FAQ other than BRB, Empire and VC.  We do cover them, but after going through the updates in the other books. Not all of it is 100% new, but they are the newest updates, and we thought they were worth talking about, since I know there’s a lot I either forgot or never noticed because I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should.

We get into the BRB FAQs and our thoughts on what they mean to the game (or to the “meta”). Then there’s this little thing about overrun after crumble where I kind of gloat like a bit of a jerk, but I apologize. I’m just feeling a ton of vindication for my ability to read RAW. Of course, I was shocked when I heard what the RAI was, but hey, who am I to tell them what RAI was?

Why do Chris Yu and so many others hate Dwarfs? This isn’t really a topic so much as something we wanted to talk about and we kind of started, but never really got too terribly deep into it. We were wondering what you guys thought of the conversation and if we get enough opinions/responses we may revisit this again soon.

Finally, we do another “The Wisdom of Warhammer.”  We tried this last episode and got some good response on it. So let us know what you think. Also, if you have any quotes from Warhammer notables, send them in! We welcome suggestions!

So anyway, it’s a bunch of FAQ talk & some “Why people hate Dwarfs” talk.  Hope you enjoy!



0:00:00 – Intro, welcome and voice mail

0:06:20 – Break 1

0:07:40 – Chris’s 10th episode causes him to wax nostalgic about how we all met! Aww.

0:39:35 – Break 2

0:40:35 – The Garagehammer Toolbox! brought to you by Chaosorc Superstore!

1:06:25 – Break 3

1:07:50 – FAQ’s – We talk everything EXCEPT BRB, Empire and VC.

1:30:20 – Break 4

1:31:10 – FAQs from the BRB

2:00:00 – Break 5

2:01:00 – Empire FAQ

2:11:25 – Break 6

2:12:20 – Vampire Counts FAQ

2:33:00 – Break 7

2:33:50 – Why do Chris Yu and so many others hate Dwarfs?

2:47:40 – The Wisdom of Warhammer

2:48:30 – Show close and end of show announcement

2:51:30 – After show bonus clip


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