So here is the first installment of our Dreadball coverage. In this episode, I talk to Chris Palmer from Mantic Games about the recent success of their Dreadball Kickstarter.

We cover the kickstarter, what it means for Mantic Games, Mantic Games as a company (they claim to be a small company…and boy they aren’t kidding!) and some of the cooler elements of Dreadball.  I really had a great time talking to Chris and I learned a lot about the game basics, the various teams and their differences, and what the next few seasons of Dreadball have in store for us.

We will be back with Garagegamer 6A – The Fundamentals of Dreadball (working title) at the end of December or the beginning of January.  I hope this episode acts as a teaser for the next episode, because it sure did for me!

Anyway, enjoy!