Episode 59 – Chicago Civil War!

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So we had to record this kind of early because of my commitments to Extra Life, so the episode may sound a bit strange. We are talking about Warriors of Chaos rumors and, at the time, unpublished FAQs which, by the time your listening to this, are out. I suggest you try to think of it as the amazing accuracy of our “information gatherers” and our rumor gathering skills that everything we were talking about 2 weeks ago has come true!

So anyway, after that we talk with Jake Murphy about the tournament between NW2 and IWFB. It’s a fun episode. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Show Index

0:00:00-0:01:50 – Intro and welcome

0:01:50-0:09:00 – Shout outs, voice mail, and Chris’s confusion about the Master Engineer

0:09:00-0:10:30 – Commercial Break 1

0:10:30-0:23:20 – News and Rumors (We recorded this about a week before release and almost all of our rumors become actual news…odd)

0:23:20-0:24:30 – Commercial Break 2

0:24:30-0:36:40 – The Circle City Circuit Update with Lizardmen Jeff! The Circuit is new and quite different. We are excited to bring you the updates!

0:36:40-0:38:25 – Commercial Break 3

0:38:25-1:16:10 – The Toolbox  We cover our hobby commitments, our reading, some movies and our progress in the Horus Heresy Novels

1:16:10-1:17:30 – Commercial Break 4

1:17:30-1:44:35 – The Chicago Civil War! Our report on the 1 day tourney between team IWFB and NW2 with The Phoenix Prince and Jake Murphy (Genesis, lists, and round 1)

1:44:35-1:45:35 – Commercial Break 5

1:45:35-2:27:40 – The Chicago Civil War! Rounds 2 and 3 and post tourney thoughts.

2:27:40-2:28:45 – The Wisdom of Warhammer

2:28:45-2:33:25 – Wrap up, close and end of show announcement


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