Episode 58 – Games Day UK and Raze and Ruin

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So this episode we are kind of disjointed, but that’s because there were four different recording sessions to get this episode in the can and that can mess up anyone. Anyway, we talk about our hobby before the first official Garagehammer News Network segment with our European Correspondent, Greg Dann. HE tells us all aobut Games Day UK 2012. We wrap up with the first game of our three game semi-narrative campaign…RAZE & RUIN!

Oooooh! Scary stuff kids!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:03:00 – Intro and Welcome

0:03:00-0:14:30 – More response to Open v. Closed lists and a few thank yous

0:14:30-0:18:00 – Corrections and Retractions

0:18:00-0:18:50 – Commercial Break 1

0:18:50-0:24:40 – Another Plea for Extra Life

0:24:40-0:28:00 – Totally skimming over the News and Rumors

0:28:00-0:43:32 – So we just slip into the Hobbying Toolbox without finishing News and Rumors

0:43:32-0:44:45 – Commercial Break 2

0:44:45-0:01:45 – Toolbox “other” covering movies, TV, books, Dreadball and Bad Grammar

1:01:45-1:02:30 – Commercial Break 3

1:02:30-1:30:30 – Garagehammer News Network! Games Day UK 2012 part 1

1:30:30-1:31:30 – Commercial Break 4

1:31:30-1:51:30 – GNN Games Day UK 2010 part 2

1:51:30-1:55:50 – Ryan Nichol and Daemons

1:55:50-2:20:15 – Raze and Ruin (Narrative campaign pt 1)

2:20:15-2:21:15 – Commercial Break 5

2:21:15-2:53:15 – Post game discussion about how odd this scenario was for us

2:53:15-2:54:00 – Commercial Break 6

2:54:00-2:57:00 – Show close and end of show announcement
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