Episode 57 – Screw City GT and Daemon SC

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So, we broke our “Kepp it under 3 hours” rule with this episode. It is a long one. In our defense, we were able to get a last minute interview and we didn’t want to put it aside for the next episode. That literally pushed us from exactly three hours to the episode you have now. (We considered cutting a different part of the episode but, as you’ll hear, one of the cast members had issues with things getting cut just because we run out of time….)

So we cover the usual news, answer the first really good argument for open lists that we have heard, and delve into the toolbox.

After that, we talk to Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gonzalez about Screw City GT, with some diversions into Core Comp and Adepticon.

Next, we welcome back “Handsome Man” Grant Fetter as we discuss his and Chris’s time at Screw City.

Finally, we wrap up with a look at the special characters from the Daemons of Chaos Army book.

Disclaimer: As you’ll hear, we lost power at one point during recording, which forced us to record over two days, which made for some strange editing that I’m simply not talented enough to edit seamlessly…so this episode has seams….

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00-1:43 – The Master Engineer’s Upset

1:43-4:45 – Welcome and Sponsors

4:45-5:27 – Break 1

5:27-6:57 – Voice Mail from Dave from “The Dwellers Below”

6:57-24:35 – We discuss Dave’s points from his response to open v. closed lists.

24:35-25:10 – Voice Mail 1

25:10-39:50 – News and Rumors

39:50-40:30 – Break 2

40:30-57:03 – Garagehammer Toolbox

57:03-57:53 – Break 3

57:53-59:35 – Voice Mail 2

59:35-1:40:45 – Interview with Alex and Karrie Ann Gonzalez, the power couple behind Screw City GT and Adepticon Warhammer Fantasy Tournaments!

1:40:45-1:41:50 – Break 4

1:41:50-2:06:55 – Screw City GT intro, lists and R1 with Chris Yu and Grant Fetter

2:06:55-2:07:42 – Break 5

2:07:42-2:08:35 – Voice Mail 3

2:08:35-2:36:40 – Screw City GT R2 through 4

2:36:40-2:37:30 – Break 6

2:37:30-2:54:50 – Screw City GT R5 and final thoughts

2:54:50-2:55:45 – Voice Mail 4

2:55:45-3:29:25 – Plea for Extra-Life and Daemon Special Characters

3:29:25-3:30:35 – Break 7

3:30:35-3:49:35 – Daemon Special Characters and end of show

3:49:35-3:50:50 – End of show announcement and extra clip


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