Episode 56 – Three Mini Topics and Those Special Orcs & Goblins

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So on this episode we keep up with the newest releases and some Kickstarter goodness. Then we talk a bit about our plan for our narrative campaign. Pay attention because Chris and I need your help. Then we move on to the First Annual Chicago Civil War. This is a small three round tourney that is going to be held in October, pitting NW2 against those rotten Southsiders on IWFB! That leads to a brief discussion about playing games with open v. closed lists.

After that we continue our discussion about Warhammer special characters. This time we cover the Orcs & Goblins book and discuss whether they have any characters that are worth taking, or are even possibly…BROKEN! (spoiler: there aren’t an borken O&G characters.)

Also, as Chris Yu settles in to his co-host role, we are still making some changes to the show.  This will probably continue for the next couple of episodes. I just don’t have the time or energy to implement everything all at once, so we are tweaking the show slowly. We really hope you like the tweaks, changes, and the refocusing on garage gaming and hobby gaming and we welcome your feedback both on the forums and via email.
So enjoy!


Show Index

00:00-03:10 – Intro and Welcome

3:10-04:19 – Shout out sponsor from Mark Zielinski

04:19-06:05 – Voice Mail! 1(757)GH SHOW 6

06:05-09:00 – Chris Yu is awesome

09:00-15:40 – Listener Mailbag

15:40-16:40 – Break 1

16:40-28:25 – News & Rumors

40K Dark Vengeance / Dreadball Kickstarter

28:25-29:00 – Break 2

29:00-54:40 – The Toolbox

Chris Yu keeps bringing up LARPing / David’s reading Orion and Chris has started Horus Rising / David sucks at painting / Podcast TV and Movies

54:40-55:15 – Break 3

55:15-55:55 – Garagehammer Voicemail!

55:55-1:09:00 – The First Annual Chicago Civil War!

Chris has organized a small, one day tourney between IWFB and NW2 and we discuss the preliminary details

1:09:00-1:27:22 – Open v Closed Lists

We touch on this a bit, pros and cons, but for the most part, we are pretty one sided on this one.

1:27:22-1:28:25 – Break 4

1:28:25-2:08:42 – Orc & Goblins special characters – Lords

Gorbad Ironclaw / Azhag the Slaughterer / A short digression about “I’ll kill it with my 2 cannons” / Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet

2:08:42-2:09:27 – Break 5

2:09:29-2:29:22 – O&G SC Lords continued

Grom the Paunch / Skarsnik / Grimgor Ironhide

2:29:22-2:30:02 – Break 6

2:30:02-2:44:00 – O&G SC Heroes

Snagla Grobspit / Gitilla the Hunter / Special Character Wrap Up

2:44:00-2:44:13 – Break 7

2:44:13-2:49:52 – Show close, end of show announcements and after show clip


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