Episode 55 – Comping Shadow Warriors and Narrative Gaming

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This episode is dedicated to the memory of James Mclaren


So in this episode Chris and I are joined by Greg Dann live and in studio!

I really think this is a great episode, if I may risk being immodest. (Since it’s not me that makes it great, it’s probably not immodesty anyway!)

Greg brings a very different (British?) perspective and some fantastic insights into Warhammer and gaming. We wind up veering off topic a lot, but but the discussion stays on Warhammer, which is why I had trouble getting this episode to our under 3 hour goal (and by trouble I mean it didn’t happen). I cut about 90 minutes, but didn’t have the heart to cut any more. I hope you love this episode as much as I do. Big thank you to Greg for coming on and making this episode great.


Show Index

00:00-10:25 – Intro, welcome, and Shout out! (Plus a little of David being the ugly American and not giving warnings about spoilers!)

10:25-11:25 – Commercial Break 1

11:25-19:20 – Listener Email

Listener Craig asks everyone with an Andriod to download his free Math-hammer app and give it a try!

19:20-22:07 – Garagehammer voicemail! 1(757)GH SHOW 6 A message from Jerry from the Cobra Kai!

22:07-51:37 – A discussion about the Southern Assault GT

We normally don’t cover tournament packs in great detail, but the guys who run SAGT and Brawler Bash always put on fantastic tourneys, and this year they are using the “Sweedish WPS” comp system so we decided to talk about it a bit. Well, more than a bit. Also, Jerry is sponsoring a contest! So pay attention!

51:37-52:18 – Commercial Break 2

52:18-1:12:10 – News and Rumors

A 40K Digital Rulebook? A bunch of finecast releases, some of them odd…and a new/old Teclis. New Plastic Great Bray Shaman.

1:12:10-1:12:45 – Commercial Break 3

1:12:45-2:07:50 – Garage ManaGeR section

This is a long one, but topics come up through the discussion and we get some rather interesting perspectives from Greg, and even though it didn’t fit exactly into the Garage ManaGeR topics, I just thought it was interesting and deserved to stay in. I think you’ll agree.

Greg and Chris talk about stripping and repainting models when your color scheme changes (or other reasons). We get into Giants and conversions. Short sidetrack into an all Dire Wolf as core VC army. Greg and David talk a little Horus Heresy before the topic turns to GWs IP and a possible reason why we are seeing all the models in a book coming out with the book or soon after. Greg is reading Gotrek & Felix and David jumps in about how great that series is. As far as gaming, Chris Yu has a practice match against Grant for Screw City GT. 3K O&G v OK and both armies had 2 giants. Insanity.

2:07:50-2:09:10 – Listener Voicemail – Stuart Alexander and MOAB

2:09-10-2:10:00 – Commercial Break 4

2:10:00-2:17:15 – Another shameless plug for our Extra Life marathon charity gaming

2:17:15-3:08:07 – Campaign gaming and narrative gaming

The three of us talk about…everything. We talk about why we like campaigns/narrative games…what we’d like to try…how to get your gaming group to give it a try with you…this was just a great conversation. (If you try real hard, you might be able to hear my excitement throughout the segment!) This is one of my favorite segments we’ve ever recorded. It’s where we feel the heart of Warhammer lies and it’s also what makes us excited to play. Enjoy.

3:08:07-3:08:42 – Commercial Break 5

3:08:42-3:11:35 – A moment of remembrance for James Mclaren

3:11:35-3:13:30 – Show wrap up and close


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