Episode 54 – New Daemons and the 4K Slobber Knocker

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So here is Episode 54 and again I’m joined by Chris Yu and the Phoenix Prince.

We start with News & Rumors and discuss the new Daemons.

After the Garage ManaGeR section, the Phoenix Prince talks about a cool new free online game he played at Games Day Chicago.

After that, we get into our turn by turn report on our big 4ooo point game of VC v HE.

It’s a fun game and I hope y0u have as much fun listening as we did playing and recording it!

After that we just have a few show announcements but they are pretty cool and have to do with the way the show will be going for the foreseeable future.

Hope you enjoy!

Show Index:

00:00-02:10 – Intro and Welcome

02:10-04:00 – Shout out from Robert Elmer “Swiss Dictator”

04:00-31:55 – News and Rumors

This episode we cover the new releases from GW including all the new Daemons of Chaos stuff.

31:55-32:30 – Commercial Break 1

32:30-35:30 – Garagehammer Voice Mails! Featuring Jerry from the Kobra Kai!

35:30-53:50 – Garage ManaGeR Section

53:50-54:25 – Commercial Break 2

54:25-1:11:20 – The Phoenix Prince goes to Games Day

1:11:20-1:12:00 – Commercial Break 3

1:12:00-2:01:15 – 4K Slobber Knocker!!!


1:12:00-1:17:00 – Our lists and stuff before we get to the game

1:17:40-1:21:30 – Our pre game strategy debriefing

1:22:25-1:24:41 – Turn 1

1:25:20-1:29:50 – Turn 2

1:30:20-1:44:18 – Turn 3

1:44:57-1:50:37 – Turn 4

1:51:40-1:54:52 – Turn 5

1:55:35-2:01:15 – Turn 6


2:01:15-2:02:15 – Commercial Break 4

2:02:15-2:25:55 – Post game thoughts and plans

2:25:55-2:26:45 – Commercial Break 5

2:26:45-2:38:00 – Wrap up and show close



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