Episode 53 – Invasion Kenosha, Comp and Spam

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No shout outs again this episode…

So here is Episode 53 with special guest host Grant Fetter. Along with us are Chris Yu and the Phoenix Prince.

We start with News & Rumors and everyone brought something to the table today. Chris has High Elf rumors. Grant brings up the upcoming bull centaurs for Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World. It’s great!

The Garage ManaGeR section has a lot of hobby talk as there are four of us and we all were getting our armies ready for Invasion Kenosha IV. I also cover some of my reading.

For the Gaming Section we go over everything from Invasion Kenosha IV. The pods, the scenarios, and all of our games. Then we cover awards and our overall thoughts.

SPOILER: We loved it!

I’m letting the guest host pick the “main topic” for now and today Grant wanted to discuss comp. We kind of go all over and, as all comp discussions seem to go, we never reach any sort of resolution. What we do seem to get to is, what I believe to be, an interesting discussion. You could discuss comp all day long and it’s been covered on many episodes of several podcasts, but I think the three of us tend to agree on comp so there’s not so much of an argument as you might hear elsewhere. What we get is just our opinions and ideas.

SPOILER: We DO NOT solve the problem of tournament composition!


Hope you enjoy!

Show Index:

00:00-03:50 – Intro and Welcome

03:50-28:29 – News & Rumors

28:29-29:04 – Commercial Break I

29:04-1:00:14 – Garage ManaGeR Section

With four of us here this episode, we talk a lot of modeling and some Gotrek & Felix before getting to the Invasion Kenosha IV coverage.

1:00:14-1:01:14 – Commercial Break II

1:01:14-1:44:48 – Invasion Kenosha IV

Some initial thoughts, the “pod” system and everyone’s game for Scenario I

1:44:48-1:45:22 – Commercial Break III

1:45:22-2:14:15 – Round 2 scenario and our games

2:14:15-2:22:31 – Round 3 scenario and Harrison’s game

2:22:31-2:23:21 – Commercial Break IV

2:23:21-2:44:00 – The rest of our Round 3 games

2:44:00-2:55:36 – Awards recap and our thoughts on the tournament overall

We talk about the “comp” (Storm of Magic creatures were allowed), our overall impressions of the tournament and why it’s our favorite one day tournament of the year.

2:55:36-2:54:17 – Commercial Break V

2:54:17-3:56:19 – Tournament Comp.

3:56:19-3:56:53 – Bumper courtesy of Liam Ash Collins

3:56:53-3:58:20 – Listener email

Lots of response to the crumble discussion. Don’t worry, we don’t reopen that topic.

3:58:20-4:02:00 – Show wrap-up and close


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