Episode 52 – Round and Round the Phases

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So here is Episode 52 with me and Chris Yu (thanks for jumping in as co-pilot for this one Chris!) and this week the conversation just goes all over.

We start by go over the new releases (40K rules and fantasy sculpts) and then hit the Garage ManaGeR section. We get to talking a bit about Invasion Kenosha IV, a favorite tournament of ours. 1 day. 1600 points. 3 rounds and a ton of fun!

Then I bring up crumble and overrun rules again…and we just keep talking about RAW…RAI…and whether crumble without overrun can be “gamed.” Ok, so I edited this part twice. Got it down to 1/2 of the original length of the conversation and cut the worst parts of this, at times, circular argument Chris and I are having. I really hope it’s not too long. I didn’t have the time/desire to go back a third time and try to trim a few more minutes. Who knows? This might be the most interesting part of the show….(right.)

Then we get into our “guest topic!” I asked Chris Yu what he’d like to talk about. He’s the guest host and I’m being polite and let the guest decide what to discuss. So we get into a fun conversation about the different phases in the turn followed by some fun BitS Trivia.

Then I ask a question about Make Way! Finally we discuss a little bit about our thoughts after 2 years of 8th edition and an upcoming 4000 point game!

Hope you enjoy!

Show Index:

0:00-3:10 – Intro and welcome

3:10-20:45 – New Releases: 40K 6th ed, 2 NEW O&G Sculpts and a bunch of finecast releases

20:45-21:20 – Commercial Break 1

21:20-37:50 – Garage ManGeR Section brought to you by ChaosOrc Superstore!

37:50-38:50 – Commercial Break 2

38:50-56:36 – A bit about Invasion Kenosha IV: Chris Yu pumps me for info on what I’m bringing so he’ll have a leg up on me in the championships! Then he gives up a little about his list as well.

56:36-1:20:23 – Crumble, Overrun and Wipeout! If you can’t overrun due to crumble, can you turn “crumble-block” into a strategy to take advantage of?

1:20:23-1:21:03 – Commercial Break 3

1:31:03-1:54:58 – Guest topic! Chris Yu wants to discuss the various phases of the game and which are most crucial to different armies.

1:54:58-1:55:48 – Commercial Break 4

1:55:48-2:17:50 – Interesting facts and stats from Blood in the Sun II

2:17:50-2:23:46 – A question about rules for command models v. rules for make way

2:23:46-2:24:21 – Commercial Break 5

2:24:21-2:43:20 – Happy 2nd birthday 8th Edition!

2:43:20-2:51:35 – Some talk about an upcoming 4000 point “slobber knocker.”

2:51:35-2:52:50 – Quick thanks to all our well wishers

2:52:50-2:54:00 – Shilling and show close


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