Episode 51 – Blood in the Sun II wrap up

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So it’s Episode 51 AND we recorded the day it was due out. So sorry about the delay and all but we were really busy getting ready for Blood in the Sun II!

We start off as usual, then start talking a bit about our games, then “Handsome Man” Grant Fetter shows up and we take a break from game discussion to talk about the tournament overall. I don’t know how all of it comes off but we thought it was interesting as (at least for me personally) “the council of three” are the only people I hang out with regularly who run a tournament of this size so we just talked all about it.

After that, Christopher and I get back to covering our games, then touch on the winners and losers in our armies and what we might plan for the future.

Once we are done talking BitS II, Christopher wraps up the show with a final announcement and we are set for another show.


Again, sorry about the delay, but we’ve been trying hard to keep non-review episodes to 3 hours or less and this episode was horribly difficult to cut down. Once the “obvious” stuff was cut, it was hard to continue to pare it down.

Hope you enjoy!

Show Index:

0:00-6:21 – Welcome, intro, sponsors and shout out from Ian Loxam!

6:21-6:58 – Commercial Break 1 (WWT)

6:58-22:04 – New & Rumors:  40K release 6/30. Forge World Preyton. Mantic Kickstarter!

22:04-22:39 – Commercial Break 2 (COS)

22:39-27:15 – K’Daii Destroyer FAQ

27:15-47:55 – Garage ManaGeR Section: Painting for BitS and Ravage Magazine

47:55-48:30 – Commercial Break 3 (UD)

48:30-1:20:36 – Initial thoughts and first two games from BitS (Grant joins us)

1:20:36-1:21:36 – Commercial Break 4 (GP)

1:21:36-2:05:26 – Talking with Grant about BitS.

2:05:26-2:06:06 – Commercial Break 5 (BF)

2:06:06-2:43:53 – Games 3 through 5 at BitS

2:43:53-2:44:43 – Commercial Break 6 (UGG)

2:44:43-2:49:07 – More talk about the Coven Throne than it actually earned

2:49:07-2:56:40 – Thoughts on K’Daii, Siege Giants, and Hellcannons for the Chaos Dwarfs

2:56:40-3:00:38 – A final announcement from Christopher

3:00:38-3:03:40 – Show close

3:03:40-3:04:30 – Photosynthesis and pudding along with McClure and Domus



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